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    "Live Virus" 'Protection' Malware Pop-Up Reads False Warnings that all .exe files are corrupted. Redirects all use to porn sale sites: Need Advice.

      Hi All:


      Happy New Year !  This is my first entry here at the McAfee community. Perhaps someone can help me before I'm forced to reformat my drive(s). I am an 'average' computer user not versed in terminology, anti-virus programs, etc. (I'm a professional guitarist/composer that plays everything from The Delta Blues player Son House and Jimi Hendrix to Benny Goodman and Count Basie, Jim Hall, John Scofield, Robben Ford, Steely Dan and Weezer...pretty skitzed in my tastes....Incidentally I do NOT do any music downloading at all...even from iTunes....)


      When  my McAfee protection program subscription was accidentally terminated a 'protection' program (pop up) inflitrated my computer; there are about four pop-up boxes that come up perpetually. The program disguises itself as legitimate Microsoft 'protection' product but when you click on the button to purchase it takes you to a site called  "Live Virus". The program also redirects any of my attempts at getting online (including using any McAfee diagnotic/help programs) to: 1) a "Microsoft" window that tells me that desired site I'm attempting to open is dangerous; 2)  the "Live Virus" protection for sale site and/or; 3)  two pornography for sale sites. . 


      Further, the program also prevents me from using any resident (programs such as Microsoft Recovery, Word, my business accounting program, etc). The pop up that flashes when I attempt to start any program is "  'X'.exe is corrupted". This also includes any .exe file that would get me on line. When my McAfee subscription was reactivated somehow I was able to start a McAfee full scan but the scan found nothing wrong....Since that one scan, I've been unable to activate/access the McAfee site, diagnostic tools, or corrective measure because I can no longer even get online on the affected computer....so I'm at a complete loss here.


      The bottom line is that my computer cannot be used at all unless I purchase the "Live Virus" 'Protection' Program.


      If I have to reformat my drives (all files have been backed up on an external hard drive) I'll do that -- though I've never done that before. I just thought I'd try get expert advice from all you specialists here in the McAfee community.


      Incidentally, I have no knowledge about computers (other than very basic knowledge) that I can return to anyone here in the community. If you have any questions about guitar, music, amp, music tech., instructional books, CDs, DVDs, I'll be happy to help you any way I can. (Incidentally, a really good site re. many guitar/music questions is ICW (Ibanez Collector's World). The knoweldge of people at that site re 'all things  guitar is superlative.


      Please permit me to thank you in advance. Once again, Happy New Year to all.






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