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    won't install

      DMSetup.exe downloads correctly, but trying to install one on a Dell Vista laptop.  Dialog box comes up.  Says it is gathering system inforamtion for about 10 seconds, then that message goes away and the PC makes a clicking sound for several hours.

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          May I know what is the type of internet connection we use ? (dsl/wireless)
          What is the version of your internet explorer , (open IE – click help – click about internet explorer)


          Dinesh K

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            Same problem here.


            Running via a DSL connection, IE 8.0.60001.18865.

            DMsetup starting and then blank window and keeps on clicking.

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              In my case Firefox 3.5.6 and neither wired, nor wireless works.  I've installed this same McAfee on two other computers in the house on the same network, albeit Windows XP.  This third computer is Vista.  AFAIK that's the main differrence.

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                And I just tried making IE the default browser, and it behaves exactly the same.  I don't think this is browser related.  The McAfee installer is the thing that seems broken.  It just goes click click click click forever, 2 or 3 times a second, and the hourglass/busy cursor shows it's busy doing something, but it never finishes.  There's no error message.

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                  Hi jgrinwis,


                  Open Internet explorer, click  help – about internet explorer and if the cipher strength and product id are visible please follow the below steps:

                  Step 1: Re-registger the java scripts

                  If you are using windows xp;

                  1. Click start – run – type REGSVR32 JSCRIPT.DLL and press ENTER.
                  After the confirmation message is displayed, type REGSVR32 VBSCRIPT.DLL and press ENTER.


                  For vista and windows 7 :

                  Click Start and select Search.
                  In the Search box, type CMD and click OK.
                  In the Search results window, right-click CMD and select Run as Administrator.
                  In the command prompt, type REGSVR32 JSCRIPT.DLL and press ENTER.
                  After the confirmation message is displayed, type REGSVR32 VBSCRIPT.DLL and press ENTER.
                  Close the command prompt, and continue to Step 2 below.

                  Step 2 - Uninstall and reinstall your McAfee consumer products

                  To download the McAfee consumer product removal tool (MCPR.EXE), and for instructions on uninstalling and reinstalling, click the link below:



                  And start installing again, Kindly report back if you have any issues.




                  Dinesh K

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                    Hi DThompson55,


                    The system could have a whole lot of temporary files and mcafee cookies,

                    Please follow the below steps,


                    1. Run the mcafee preinstall tool from http://download.mcafee.com/products/licensed/cust_support_patches/McPreInstall.e xe

                    2. Connect the computer to a wired connection, restart the computer and start taping the F8 key , when the windows advanced boot screen appears select the option safe mode with networking and try installing again.





                    Dinesh K

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                      I reregisted the DLLs as you suggested, and reran DMSetup.  It still does the same thing, runs for about 10 seconds and then just click, click, click, click forever.

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                        Ran the preInstall successfully.  Then ran the DMSetup.exe


                        same thing


                        just clicks and clicks and clicks

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                          Hi , DThompson55 and jgrinwis,


                          I have requested for some additional information on this to your private message (PM),kindly reply back to it at your convenience.



                          Dinesh K

                          McAfee Online Community Moderator

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