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    No install working with new downloaded program

      Yesterday I bought McAfee antivirus software and proceeded to install it.  I received error message and that I should install and run virtual technician,

      I had all hell trying to download the program and after going through 2 chat sessions was no further advance.  I needed to call it quits after about

      2 hours - my business needed attending to.   So switched everything off.  Today decided to install and reached the vt area again and sucessfully

      downloaded it and ran it.  It came up with a problem after doing a pre-installation check - it said I didn't have enough ram and couldn't install the

      software.  I had 256 mb until last year when I had another 512 mb added.  Called on Chat support and explained problem. Told they were sending

      me an email. Received it and followed instructions to download the program.  Did so and guess what ?  We're back to the same old thing again, went through the virtual tech stuff and I thought I was being sent something that was going to help me but it was just more of the same.  Am besides

      myself with frustration at the support issues.  Can I please have some help that is going to work - my computer is at risk.

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          Sorry for the inconvenience caused in downloading the software,
          Could you please provide the following information so that we could fix the issue together,


          What is the exact error message you receive at the time of download.( If possible attach an picture of the error )
          What is the type of internet connection you use ? (Dsl/cable)
          The session id of mvt .


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          Dinesh K