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    How to scan & delete critical files on a spare drive



      My system was recently compromised by a trojan which wanted me buy their virus service for $49 but

      did not list any company name or website but showed a form which could be used to fill up credit

      card info. It also took complete control of my system saying that I had many infected files and

      did not allow me to do anything.I bought your Internet security center product for 3 users

      but was not not able to install it on the affected system. So I installed the mcfee internet security

      center on a new  system, removed the hard drive from the old system and added it to the new system

      as drive E. I did a complete scan of drive e and find about 10 trojans. How do I remove these

      trojans ? The scan says these have been quarantined. But if I move the disk back to the

      old system, will they still be quarantied ? Will I be able to install the security center now ?

      How do I also scan the critical files/sectors, etc. on drive E ? ( I think it check for these

      on drive C on the new system but might not have checked for them on drive E )


      Appreciate any advice or info on the next steps.