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    Sysguard problem disables McAfee

      A few days ago, I got a false (non McAfee) warning of virus, and request (also non McAfee) to download antivirus software to clean the computer.  I’m running WinXP w/sp3


      A program, ggiqsysguard.exe, was using significant CPU resources.  After being unable to find any refer to a legit (or otherwise) program using this file, or “sysguard.exe”, I searched all drives and deleted the file.


      McAfee provided no warning of virus infection.  However, it started to report that computer was not fully protected (SystemGuards was disabled), and was not able to restore full protection.


      I did a WinXP restore to a point several days earlier, uninstalled, downloaded and reinstalled McAfee.


      At that point, neither Firefox nor Internet Explorer were able to load any pages unless the McAfee Add-ons were disabled.


      Now, a few minutes after bootup, McAfee reports that the computer is not fully protected (SystemGuards is disabled).  After clicking on “Fix” and a few moments pass, all four areas report “Unable to verify validity of subscription.  Click here to verify subscription.”  After being unable to verify the subscription, it recommends reinstalling McAfee.


      Is this a known issue?  Is there a solution?  Thanks for any assistance.