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    Windows 7 VirusScan blocks access to POP3 mail servers

      I just upgraded a home PC to WIndows 7 Professional - 64 bit.  I tried to set up my POP3 email accounts on my system, but kept getting the same message - the POP3 mail servers refused the connection for all accounts. I tried this with both WIndows Live Mail and Thunderbird and got the same result with both. I was getting on my ISP, but realized that it was just too much coincidence to see the same problem in both applications. After turning off my firewall, the only thing left was McAfee. I disabled incoming email scanning - and SUCCESS! So I have a solution, but it isn't a very pretty one because it leaves my incoming mail open to viruses and other bad things.


      Is this a known problem, and is there any work-around other than what I'm using?