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    McAfee pop-up box:  X     TROJAN ALERT

      We have Cox Internet connected to wireless router serving 1 computer directly and another remote wireless. Both us McAfee Security provided free to Cox customers. Wireless system (XP Pro Home) has McAfee pop up box stating:  "An infected file vundo.gen.bw (Trojan) (did not click on it) located C:\Windows\System32\buoouze.dll cannot be quarantined. Recommend to restart and scan computer.

      (Drop down tab:) What would you like to do? Restart and scan my computer or close this alert." There is defenition of Trojan also listed in pop-up box but no need to list what you already know in my discussion.


      If click to close alert just pops up causing whatever is opend to 1)work slowly and then 2) Not Respond. Click to restart & scan just puts me back to where it was with pop up.  So I opened McAfee Security which takes a long time to open as well as scan fies (1 hr. only 845 files @ 0% completed). So closed out because this is not normal therefore restored it back to day when all was fast & normal.

      Thought restoration corrected the problem because no Trojan Alert Pop-up after startup and using Internet / navigating through the files & folders in general were back to being fast & did not lock up anymore (well for about 5 minutes) until the popup appeared again.

      Any suggestions because can't use Virtual Tech on this system because uses Mozilla Firefox, right?  Are there any free programs through McAfee for Cox users that I can copy to disk from good working cpu to this one?

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          Ive got the same critter on my PC as well. I also found about 15 "vundo" related trojans in the past three days had gotten on board as well. Those other fifteen I was able to remove with the normal security center virus scan but the one you mention stays there. Mcafee security center just says "no action necessary" while simultaneously identifying it as a trojan and asking what action I want to take.I contacted mcafee online support which, of course, promptly told me that i couldnt be helped by them and I needed mcafee virus removal specialists who want a bunch of money before they even talk to me.

          After restarting and scanning I found the same trojan but the pop-ups have stopped. I have no idea what to do from there...oh wait , never mind. the pop up just showed up while Im typing this so im also back to square one.... Anyone know how to get rid of this bug?

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            I was wondering if you or any other computer user in your house visit IMVU? My daughters do, well not anymore.  A few days after they downloaded to play at this website the computer started having problems.  I restored back to before the download and let them try the website one more time in case I was wrong.  Sure enough happened again and restored again.  After restoration, I searched Google for IMVU causing problems with computer & viruses, etc.. I was not surprised to find that I am not the only one experiencing such problems.  Unfortunately, my daughters received an IMVU $25 Money Card for XMAS therefore had to download again so they could play it out.  Which I hate those money cards to begin with.  A few days later another problem occured so I posted a comment with questions, that someone involved with IMVU might not like, and how innocent people use their website and purchase the money cards to support their business that there should be some secure protection against them getting attacked by hackers or even the website owners, etc....I continued on in my post that I hope it is all legit because I am in my last semester of Network Security and will further investigate what is going on.

            Maybe I am being stupid at thinking all of this.  But it seems only the sites that offer the money cards for sale do I encounter major problems with computer.  This instance is the worse ever!


            The Online Customer Support Rep sent me the following info:

            In the lower bottom corner of the page, you would be able to see our Free Solutions "Virus Information Library, Web Immune, AVERT Tools, and Virus Removal Forums".  Please make use of any one of these options to help you out in resolving your issue. If you still face any issues in removing the virus even after trying these free options, we would request you to contact our Virus Removal Paid support for further assistance.  Please access the above link from your infected computer to get steps to remove the Virus.


            My thought on that is $89.95 for their support!  Why can't they just help anyway?  I would upgrade my system before I paid that out to them.  If they can fix it, then maybe they created it?  Just like fireman who are in fear of losing their job or station being closed; some have resulted to starting fires in order to prevent either one to happen.  You get what I am saying?


            And the future of using computers is great, but the downside is our security is at risk more and more each day when the company watching over our computer that we trust our lives to, basically, cannot help or guard us from attack to begin with.  I know I am not alone that cannot afford to pay for their additional support, buy a new unit or upgrade OS.  But what it comes down to, is if one is willing to give up their lively hood, the computer/internet or pay for a fix, that just might happen again or in some other fashion.