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    LinuxShield & OES2SP2 (SLES10SP3) Kernels..

      Anyone out there running LinuxShield (151) with OES2SP2?

      Tests indicate that modversioning doesn't cope with the SLE

      SP3 kernel versions:


      Checking for module reusability
      No reusable modules found
      nails.initd: Warning - kernel module /lib/modules/ does not exist

      LinuxShield cannot start on-access detection because a kernel module is not currently available for the kernel version that you are running.

      To obtain or create a kernel module, please refer to the installation guide in /opt/NAI/LinuxShield/docs

      LinuxShield can still function without the kernel module, but on-access detection of viruses is disabled.

      nails.initd: Warning - kernel module /lib/modules/ does not exist



      The McAfee KB Doc (53375

      ) is dated September 24, 2009...


      Any news or experiences with this?





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          Reply from McAfee 'support'


          About KB53375, I have checked that the list is still the same and for any kernal support related query, please contact us so that it can be checked with the higher level. LinuxShield 1.6 product manual/release notes should contain the new Supported Kernals/OS. Please note that SLES 10 SP3 is not supported in LinuxShield 1.5.1, it will be supported in LinuxShield 1.6 to be released in Q1 2010. I hope I have provided you the required details, hence closing the case for now.



          Brilliant, eh?

          I cannot understand why they're not offering support for a service pack of a supported OS - esp. as it's been released 3+ months

          This is truly pathetic 'support' - a) leaving a sp release unsupported for several months; b) closing a support call without interaction from the 'customer'


          Any news on LinuxShield 1.6? Anyone beta testing? Proposed release date?

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            I just got a call from my Linux group about this. I too would like any information on 1.6 Viruscan Enterprise for Linux or whatever it's going to be called.



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              Anyone seeing anything on this?

              It's now officially Q2 2010 and I can't find anything relating to LinuxShield 1.6...


              The LinuxShield datasheet (PDF) still claims



              Supported operating systems (64-bit)

              • Red Hat Enterprise 4.0 Advanced Server, Workstation, Enterprise Server

              • Red Hat Enterprise 5.0 Desktop, Server

              • SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 (SLES9)

              • SuSE Linux Enterprise 10 Server (SLES10), Desktop (SLED 10)

              Novell Open Enterprise Server 2




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                Install Kernel Devel module, the LinuxShield need kernel symbols to start.