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    VirusScan Freezes up

      Thanks in advance for any help!


      It keeps freezing up when I do a full scan on C:windows\system32\dllcache\wmvds32.ax.  Is there something I can do to fix this problem?  Everyting has been updated i have version 13.15.




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          I have also been having my full scan hang up at 38% (despite letting it sit for hours)  apparently waiting on a scan of a .pdf file, but running at about 1% of the cpu and only intermittently.   I have yet to complete a full scan since mid November when I began trying every few days to run it manually.  This is a new Dell Laptop Studio XPS (about 6 weeks old) running Vista 64 bit Home Premium Edition with service pack 2.


          This is my first experience with McAfee products, and I was hoping for more.  I have run the cleanup tool, updated to latest MS updates, run the McAfee updates, rebooted, etc.  And I have reviewed all the related discussions for the last month.  But I don't understand if anything was actually ever resolved to resolve this problem in the discussion threads.


          VirusScan  Version 13.15 Build: 13.15.113,  DAT is 5847, 12/30/2009; engine: 5301.4018


          Update:  A friend saw the post and suggested by email that I simpply dump any file that hangs up the scan to data DVD and read it back in later.  It was true that my .pdf file is an operations manual that is quite large ( gByte sized).  This seems to be working (I am at 60% full scan at this moment).  So I think I revise my request for help to ask that the "skip" option be improved to be settable in terms of a user-specified threshold that will automatically skip very large file sizes; And I notice that the CPU usage is relatively small for the scan.  Perhaps an option to purposely and temporarilly boost the priority or CPU share to push through the full scan.   I would be willing to turn over the PC for a space of time needed to complete a manual full scan, just for peace of mind.   I know that this goes counter to our usual complaint that scans impact more important work and need to be reduced to background operations that monitor when the cpu is idle, but I think there may be times where I would want to turn the whole PC over to the scanner to get it done.



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            Does anyone have any ideas?

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              I've run into something that sounds similar.  My scan hangs on a certain file too.  So I deleted the file, restarted the scan, and it continues.  Of course I ran into to problem on other files later.  I did the same thing.  However, this time, I noticed that I couldn't delete some of the files until I removed the hidden/system/read-only attribute.  I wonder if the attributes are affecting the scan?

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                Similar issues, very repeatable problem, one core stay full load on McShield.  I opened a case with McAFEE McAfee Customer Service - SR-438161839.

                They reinstalled and did not do any good.  It does that with a few applications and during apllication installation.  for new application installation i disable virus scan for 30 minutes and the installation is done in minutes instead of hours on a I7 at 3GHz.  It started that about 4 months ago, I would say after a KB update over my XP SP3.  I hope McAfee does something, task manager allways tell me McShield is hung up at 13%  (1 of my 8 cores dedicated to McShield).  The hung up occurs with several application, crystal clear that the common roots is allways McAfee.   I am looking forward for a reasonnable solution other that turn-off mcAfee to resolve the issue.  I did four reinstallation and the faithful problems does repeat.  I upgraded to my I7 I tought my dual code was aged but not much better with a 8 cores CPU.  There was plenty of cheaper competitive solutions.