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    Platinum-antivir virus/spyware?

      Hello all...

      New to the community, first time poster.  Tried to search on my topic, with no results.  So, my apologies if my topic has been covered before, and I'm just not finding the info.


      I've been hit on my home Windows XP machine with the "Platinum-antivir" virus/trojan/whatever.  It seems to be disabling any .exe I attempt to open.  I'm not able to open McAfee, and begin a scan/clean.  I had something similar to this a little while back, and was able to clean out some temp files, then run McAfee, seemed to clean it out.  It's now back, and much nastier.  Gives numerous pop-ups, suggesting my computer is at high risk, and seeks to direct a browser to "Platinum-antivir.com", to purchase anti-spyware.


      A general internet search has yielded some results, and suggestions for cleanup, I just thought I'd post here as well, since I was searching the site for info on this particular virus.  Anyone has experience with this guy?  If McAfee can't be relied upon to catch this, any suggestions on what also to run on the pc to prevent this in the future?  Thanks for any responses and information.

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          Yikes...I mentioned at first I didn't find any info on my topic.  I obviously missed something, there's a ton of info here!  Apologies.  I'll try the recommendations from the other threads, will post if the methods discussed don't work.

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            I share in your frustration. This is a nasty virus. I had it invade my laptop and after a few days of trying I called my computer expert and he suggested I remove my hard drive put it in a Mercury On The Go SATA portable case and plug it into another computer via the USB and scan and remove this virus with a virus scan software. I acutally used 3 antivirus scans. Mcafee found one problem and removed it. I then scanned it with PCTOOLS and anti virus that removed a few more problems. I then went to a site called malwarebytes.com, downloaded thier free software and that removed 5 more Trogans. I think the malwarebytes.com was the best and free. After all the scans and fixes, I reinstalled the hard drive in the original computer and now it's fine. Good luck and if you found a simpler solution congratulations. compsams