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    Freeze windows on login "activate parameters"



      (sorry i am french)


      i have a matte

      In my domaine (acitve directory 2003, epo 4.0, agent epo, vse8.7)


      When an user login in this computer, he wait 2 minutes (2mn30, to 5 minutes is variable) ton see is interface windows (the board with the start menu)

      the user wait on the screen in french 'activation des parametres' in english 'active parameters"


      Matte : only on the domaine, not in local administrator


      i suspect VSE 8.7, the computer search an information on the network ...but i dont know ..


      when the computer have no VSE 8.5 or 8.7 ..all its OK. (with VSE 7.1 no problem)



      can you help me please.


      thank you