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    Getting more information on a failed agent deployment


      I've found that all my agent deployments appear to be expiring, despite being unable to recall any changes to the infrastructure. My problem is as follows:


      1. The agent deployment tasks list an expiry but don't list which machine they were trying to deploy to at the time (this seems like a step back from 4.0 which IIRC, did)

      2. It doesn't say why the task expired.


      I tried a manual deployment to a machine, which again expired. However I was able to ping the machine and establish a connection to the admin$ share using the account responsible for deployment. The machine was on the same subnet as the ePO machine.


      I've been trying to find the log on the server which pertains to agent pushes, but have been unable to find anything and the log references guide doesn't seem to mention one either.


      How can I get more detailed information as to why the push is expiring?

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