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    Windows 7 Homegroups

      I've just loaded McAfee and Windows 7 on three machines.  All three are operating on the same managed network and have joined the same homegroup.  From my main PC, I can see files on one PC, but not ther other.  Do I need to be opening up additional ports to use homegroups?  Any other ideas?

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          Hi FLMan,


          According to manage network , One of these computers on your home network needs to be designated as an administrator (not to be confused with a Windows Administrator).
          Click manage network on the other two computers and check whether you are able to see all three pc’s ? or do we get any one of the following message :

          * The computer is not a member of this network.
          * The computer is an unmanaged member of this network.
          * You haven't been invited to join this managed network yet.




          Dinesh K