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    Artemis on servers


      Hi - Has anybody tested Artemis at the "low" sensitivity level on servers? Artemis is currently running at "very low" sensitivity level on all of our machines. A McAfee knowledge base article suggests the "low" sensitivity level will give protection in addition to DATs while "medium" may give false positives so, not wanting false positives, I plan to test the "low" sensitivity level.

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          From an artemis point of view, there really isn't any difference between a workstation and server.  But like with any system, it depends on what software you have installed, and what it's used for.  If you don't surf the web on this server, I would expect it to generate less artemis detections, but, you'll want to run on a test system first (run some on-demand scans with artemis turned up, to confirm no false detections)


          Hope that helps


          - David