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    Epo 4.0 Updating Error Dash Board : The latest MyAvert information was not successfully retrieved from McAfee.



      Windows server 2003 sp2 Operating system, Following are error detail.Please do need ful.Waiting for your valuable reply.




      The latest MyAvert information was not successfully retrieved  from McAfee.
      My RepositoryLatest Available
      MyAvert Security Threats:0 unread
      Last check:Unknown



      2) EpoApSvr :-Log are follow


      20091226200032    I    #5308    SiteMgr    Incremental replication, file Current\PATCHTMP2000\Templates\0000\MS04-012_Q828741.txt.js matches source and dest, skipping


      3)Replication log :-


      20091228220003: Replication started
      20091228220003: Replication on ePO server, skip download from master site
      20091228220022: Approximately replication size 237569491 bytes, for 1 site(s)
      20091228220023: Performing incremental replication to site mcafee repository
      20091228220027: Replication to site mcafee repository successful
      20091228220027: Replication finished successfully
      20091228220027 Replication ended



      4)reporting > server task pull error :- Failed to download file catalog.z from site update.nai.com:80, error code 502



      Thanks in Advance

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