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      In ePO 4.5 console, I have a sincronization with Active Directory.


      Who happens is that workstations and servers should appear with sincronitazion with AD, but many workstations and servers appear in Lost&Found and others are in correct folder in ePO domain (as in AD).


      How we can overcome this problem? In other words...why some workstations and servers don´t go to the correct folder.



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          Three possibilities come to mind immediately:

          1. These machines are not in the syncronization group or they are in a group that is excluded
          2. You do not have your AD Sync task set to Move systems from their current System Tree Location to the synchronized group
          3. You are installing the agent locally rather than pushing from EPO. If you sync with AD to bring the system in and then install the agent locally the agent does not know that it should report back to the entry you imported from AD so it creates a new entry for itself in Lost&Found. If you push the agent from an entry in EPO then the agent will report back to whatever entry you pushed from.


          I hope that helps!