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    Virus ???? help

      I think I have a virus on my PC.  I keep getting pop-ups saying my computer is infected and wanting me to get ezenyv.cn.  Is this a virus and how can I get rid of it?  I've scanned my whole pc system sevral times with McAfee 360 and it does not get rid of this.  Please help ASAP.  Thanks

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          You are likely infected with something like FakeAlert http://vil.nai.com/vil/Content/v_143470.htm


          Ultimately we would like to gather samples so we can add them to the .DAT files, for everyone's benefit.  (Assuming you have updated both your dats and engine already)


          You can use tools like GMER, Icesword, process monitor, etc, to help find the bad files.  If you aren't comfortable with any of those tools, it's probably easiest to run GMER  (found at gmer.net) and click "save", to save the log file, and post it up here.  Otherwise you should open a case with support, so we can get you through it as quickly as possible.


          Hope that helps, please let us know how it goes.


          - David

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            I ran gmer and my pc/windows kept shutting down during the scan, so I don't know if I got all the info. or not.  I have attached the post I got grom running gmer.  Thanks for any help you can give me to remove the virus.  I also attached the message I got when my PC/Windows shut down unexpectantly while gmer was running.

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              Looks like it bailed out before it got to the good stuff.


              Would you be willing to boot into safemode, and trying gmer again?  Otherwise, I'll be honest, while I want your samples to end up in our database, so others can benefit from it, I bet you could get cleaned up if you installed and ran this freeware tool... http://www.malwarebytes.org/mbam.php


              Let me know how it goes.


              - David

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                Thanks David for your help.  I tried McAfee, Norton Security, AVG, GMER, Stinger tool, etc. to emove the virus, but none of them removed it. I was told by McAfee support team member that I would have to pay $89.99 for the McAfee Specail Virus Removal Team to remove the virus. I knew there had to be something free out there that could remove the virus.  The last thing I tried was the freeware tool http://www.malwarebytes.org/mbam.php  that you told me about.  I downloaded it and let it scan my entire PC  (C & D drives) overnight.  I turned my PC on the next morning and the virus was gone.....................so I think the malware tool removed it.  Thanks again for your help solving my problem of removing a virus from my PC.      Happy New Year !!!