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    Virusscan 8.70i task manager stopped

      Platform: windows xp professional + McAfee Virusscan 8.70i

      Symptoms: Every time i try to log in my computer as local administrator slow a lot of time to initiate session. After the log in  the McAfee Viruscan Task Manager Service is stopped preventing me the access to the Viruscan Management Console. In the event viewer i obtain the entry "Tha McAfee McShield scanning service could not load naiann.dll Viruses will still detected but not alerting will occur" Success Id: 5039. Why is down the McAfee Viruscan Task Manager Service? What can i do?



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          I fear that the installation might be corrupted in some way.   Have you already attempted to uninstall/reinstall VSE?


          It could be malware, but likely not, since it usually will prevent the OAS from running as well.


          If a reinstall (from a newly downloaded package) doesn't help, you might want to create a new user, and try logging into that account (making sure it's local admin), and see if it doesn't make a difference.  Otherwise, you'll want to open a ticket with support, so we can dig into it.


          - David



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