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    Agent Comunication



      I have some machines with agents communicating and updating the dat files with the server but there is no information available in the epo server.


      System Information:

      Epo Server 4.0

      Agent 4.0



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          You may want to check for duplicates.  I have had this happen and found that there was a duplicate computer that was reporting.  There is a duplicate report that you can run that will show you all the dupes.

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            There is no duplicate machines. Talking with NAI support, they recomended install internet explorer 7.0. I'm running IE8.0.

            I will try to see if solved.


            Thanks anyaway

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              move this system to a group with configurated task, make a deployment agent too. open the agent port comunication to see the process log.

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                Hi Peter, my recommendation is simple, updates the McAfee EPO console 45 and using agents 4.5, verify that you have all required patches for 4.0 and peoples EPO 4.0, verify that the machines, which have problems with placing connections are not Microsoft firewall active and that the communication port agents become available, try to build a package and individual agents and install it manually on a trial basis. change the package of players in the console main repository of EPO, tell me anything.