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    Easy Network - Sharing Printers

      I have set up the easy network with the main laptop having two printers attached (running Windows 7) and the other laptop (running Windows XP) I would like to be able to use the shared printers.


      So far I am able to share files between the two computers but cannot seem to figure out how to get the printers to share.  According to the user guide, there should be a place to "install" the printers on the non-connected to the actual computer.  In the Easy Network screen, it shows the main computer as having printers attached but I can't get to them.


      Any suggestions?




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          Does both the computers have McAfee installed ?
          Do you use any router for internet ? 


          Dinesh K

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            Yes both computers have mcafee installed from a 3-user package I purchased.

            Yes they are connected wirelessly through a Motorola modem/wireless router.

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              You will have to open ports using System Services if the application must accept unsolicited connections from other computers to work.

              Please follow the below steps:

              1. Double-click the M icon in your taskbar.
              2. Select Internet & Network, then click Configure on the right.
              3. In the section titled Firewall protection is enabled, click Advanced.
              4. Select system services from the Home list on the left.
              5. Uncheck the option Windows file sharing
              6. Click OK and close SecurityCenter.

              Do the same in the other computer even,

              And then try to share the printers. Let me know if you have any issues on the same.


              Dinesh K