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    ToastCache Question


      Does the ToastCache batch file only rebuild the index for the 00000001 and 00000002 folders inside SBDATA?


      Inside the dbcfg.ini file if i set the LifeTime value to "0" it should never auto recreate the index when someone logs in after the LifeTime has expired.  This is what we want, we want the toastcache to do all the index rebuilding with the services shut down during twice a week maintenance windows.


      ; The time (in seconds) for which the index will be used before it is
      ; automatically re-created (default is 30 minutes). A value of zero means
      ; that it never expires. (86400 is one day)



      What i have noticed is this.  If i set this to "0" and let ToastCache do all the rebuilding, it only rebuilds the 00000001 and 00000002 folders.  The rest of the folders only get re-built when i have the LifeTime set to something other than "0".


      Is this by design?  Are the two folders mentioned above the only two folders you need to have rebuilt every so often or what?