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    Can't Remove McAfee from Windows Home Server

      Need assistance to remove McAfee Total Protection from Windows home Server. This is what has been tried (multiple times)


      1) removal of addin that did install

      2) Remote access to sertver and removed software via control panel "remove software"

      3) Executed MCPR.exe a number of times



        Services are still regestered as are startup objects. Program files structure - McAfee/Managed VirusScan still exists and is populated and NOT REMOVABLE.


      Please assist with procedure to remove .

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          For support purposes, can you tell me if you are running this in HP server or on Acer?



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            HP EX-470. The add-in came as part of PP2 update and I installed. Renewed and then support was interupted. I deinstalled but have had "leftovers" in services, boot services, registries and program files ever since.  The consumer product remove tool does not address the "leftovers".  I am suposing because of its "small business" product roots.  Please advise.

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              I take it this is not HP Home Media Smart Server. I would suggest you contact McAfee technical Support for a solution as this is mpossible to address without having very specific information.





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                EX-470 is a first generation HP Media Smart Server using Windows Home Server OS.   McAfee support has demonstrated no help thus far as the phone representatives are not familiar with this OS. I subsequently installed another brand of protection since techniocal support could not make this work.  Now I would just like inventory of all of the system objests affected ( I can manually affect removal if Mcafee cannot support their product).

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                  If you are running Trial version of HP Home Media Smart Server, please refer to KnowledgeBase article KB67719 on Telephone Technical Support for Total Protection for Microsoft Windows Home Server. If this is not the case can you let me know your existing case number.



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                    I would like to uninstall McAfee Total Protection from my Acer 340H server. Can you tell me the correct way to remove it completely? It does not show up as an add in so I assume I would have to RDC  the server and remove with Add/remove programs function and then run MCPR.exe to finish the uninstall. Does the current version of MCPR work with WHS?

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                      If my experience is representative, after the add-in is no longer visible, you RDC to the server and remove the software. At that point it will still have services registered with startup entries and an entire directory tree still remaining under Program Files.  The splash screen for McAfee will still come up when RDC is connecting into the Windows Home Server device.


                        The technical support staff is not familiar with this product (or at least wasn't months ago) so when the DAT engine was no longer supported, this software became un-supported.


                        The consumer product remove tool MCPR.exe does not work on the Windows Home Server platform. Nobody has been able to give me the inventory of files, services and registry entries that I should manually delete.


                      As near as I can tell, the only way to not have this stuff on your Windows Home Server system is to NEVER INSTALL it.  I am being convinced through this wasted effort that McAfee is earning their reputation as a poor supplier relative to customer service.

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                        Of course the help center does not want to keep service requests open until adaquate service is provided, so I only went around the support system merry-go-round a couple of times before giving up. At this point, my license may be expired but certainly was not last August when the service stopped working due to the DAT engine falling "out of support".  A couple of service request numbers for you to reference are: 3-703842716 and 1-462222138.


                        I ONLY want to know how to clear my system of McAfee components (inventory of files , services and registry entries) to be removed manually.  Is this too much to ask?

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                          Oh, one more detail. Even though support could not get the software working , they refused to provide pro-ratad refund of license fee since it was past their 30 Day window. I may have licensed last March so grant may still be active if that would help to get someone to provide support just enough to UNINSTALL.

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