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    Assign group users over system tree?



      Can I ask you one question?


      I need to assign a group of users in the product EEPC v6 more PC workstations. Can sometimes be assigned to users on a group with a system tree or do I have to assign computers one by one?


      If it does I understand and account for the administration of the Users Group added to the menu Encryption Users. Is that so?


      Thank you for explanation.



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          If I correctly understood you...


          Yes, you can assign multiple users to multiple systems at once.


          To do this use "Group Users" tab in "Encryption Users" section.

          Here you can add single users, groups of user or OUs with users to whole subgroups in ePO System Tree.


          More information you will find in enigmatically titled chapter "Editing user inheritance" of EEPC v6 Product Guide.



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            If you already added the user to a computer and the user is also in a group, you will find that if you remove the user from the workstation and add the group to Group Users, that specific user will not be added back to the machine or any other machine for that matter.  This happens for any user from the group that you add and remove from any workstation.


            Thats an error I found and McAfee was able to replicate.  Its currently up in development for hopefully a fix.

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