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    What should we Upgrade first?  The EPO Agent or the EPO Server…

      We want Upgrade our EPO Server from the current Version

      - EPO Server (Patch 4)

      - 1200 PCs with EPO Agent (Patch 4) and 450 PCs with EPO Agent (Patch 1)

      to the EPO Server Version 4.5 and the newest McAfee Agent.

      The EPO Agent is not supported by the new EPO Server 4.5. What will happen if one of  the "old" EPO Clients kontakt the new EPO Server.
      Can the new EPO Server Upgrade the "unsupported" Client to the new McAfee Agent ?

      …or should we upgrade all Clients to with the "old" EPO Server and after that, we start the Server Upgrade.

      What is the better way ?

      Thanks for your help