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    Problem login into Windows XP

      My wife's IBM R51e running XP SP3 is not allowing her to login to her desktop.  The computer will boot to the login prompt.  She puts in her password, then the computer attempts to log her in, but just re-cycles.  We notice her background picture comes up and the Macafee logo appears on the background, then the re-cycle back to the login screen.  I believe it is a trojan or virus.  I have created and tired two boot cd (Kaspersky and F-Secure), but no success yet.   Currently running the avira Antivir rescue CD.  No sucess, yet and no viruses detected.


      Need immediate assistant, my wife is writing a book and her work is still on the hard drive....We don't want to lose any data.





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          Did you try logging in through safe mode,
          Restart the computer and start tapping the F8 key and from windows advanced boot option select safe mode and press enter.

          Note: Your mouse might be non functional in safe mode use the arrow keys for selection.

          Once you are able to login to windows take a back up of your data or copy it to some other resource and then proceed to prevent data loss.



          Dinesh K

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            I have a similar problem. When I log-in McAfee logo appears and I automatically get logged off.

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              Hi justifus,

              Have you tried safe mode or last known good configuration, if not refer to my previous post and check whether the computer is booting in safe mode ??








              Dinesh K

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                Hi Dinesh,


                Thanks for your response. Sorry, safe mode or last known good configuration are also not working.


                Please advise.




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                  The thread is already a couple of months old - and apparently still unanswered.


                  I do have the same problem, and cannot find any help so far:


                  II tried the following:

                  1. boot in save mode: no success

                  2. select last known good system restore point: no success

                  3. Boot from XP SP2 Install CD and try the recover mode: no success, system hangs

                  4. boot from avira antivir rescue CD: I can find drive C: however when I mout it I see no content. The virus checker checks plenty of files, but finds no problems.


                  I am running XP SP2, McAffee is installed for many years and always up to date, security scans were done regularly, never had a virus so far (according to the McAffee tool at least :-)


                  Any help appreciated.

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                    You should be running SP3 as it is recommended by Microsoft and McAfee