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      McAfee found this file on my computer C:\Documents and Settings\LocalService\Local Setting\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\ODAJCD6Z[1].cab and said that i could not be completely removed. It said that if I could not remove it to send it to their Avert Labs in a zip file but I cannot locate the file on my computer. Does anyone know how to remove this file or find it on my computer for the creation of the zip file.

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          This file is located in the temporary Internet files directory. The simplest way of removing it is running a cleaner like ccleaner, also check if the file has been quarantined by McAfee.

          You can clear the quarantined list by following the instructions found in this document.

          run the full system scan

          check if it is detected again.

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            I have tried both ccleaner and the restore application and the message still appears. I was wondering if there is any other solutions.

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              See if you can delete this file manually.


              click start

              click run

              In the run window type in "C:\Documents and Settings\LocalService\Local Setting\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\"

              click Ok

              try to locate "ODAJCD6Z[1].cab"

              if you find it right click on it and delete it.


              report your findings back =)

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                I found this same thing happening on my email..... I figured it was an ex-boyfriend of mine who had a company called www.seasidepups.com and an email address address with island pups in it. ( the word PUPS was a moment of who-dun-it... for my thoughts) He also owes me $7000.and its been going on for 3 years... he was up to $13,000 but when we broke up he stole my credit card numbers-- paypal acct... and ebay acct.... causing a lot more havoc.........  This guy is a computer genius from the old "punch card days... and has a PHD in mathematics.... I tried to get Mc Afee to do a search back to his IP address....... they ignored it and said they were" sorry I was receiving annoying pop-ups"--- An obvious  ------ I didn't bother to read or research your email--- so go away-- there is nothing McAfee will do about it" 


                  Is there any way we can figure out oif I was the target of this virus......seems too coincidental to me... it is sending Viagra ads to everyone I know on my email????

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                  I did a spybot.com .........It found it and quarantined it and  I sent it to McAfee....... read my other post for where I think it originated.

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                    Thanks a lot I was unable to find the file before and this was a lot easier than the stuff I was trying. The PUP seems to have been removed. I appreciate the help and thanks again rahulsingh.

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                      you are very welcome, have a great christmas.