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    Can't open Security Center

      Running Win 7 I can 't open Security Center.  I keep getting a pop-up "One of your McAfee programs has benn updated or installed.  You must restart your computer before you can use Security Center."  Reboots do NOT work.


      I removed McAfee, reinstalled Win 7, and reinstalled McAfee.  Still get the message.



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          Please follow the instructions in the link here.Once you run the batch file in the link provided restart your computer and retry again. You should not encounter that problem anymore.

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            I alread did that.  It caused my system to crash.  I reinstalled Win 7.  I then reinstalled McAfee.  That pop-up appeared immediately.


            That is NOT a solution.  What else can I do?


            Note too that in your reference, it says it is for Windows 2000/XP/Vista.  That is not what I have.  I have Win 7.


            I do not wish to crash my computer once agan.


            Please advise.

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              I am comfortable using RegEdit, so if you can tell me the offending key, I would be glad to delete it.  That would be better than using a shotgun approach to delete a bunch of keys and then find that once again File Explorer won't work.


              When I say my computer crashed, what I mean is that File Explorer locks up.  Other programs lock up.  When I go to Task Manager, I find all the programs are "non-responding" but Task Manager won't respond either; it won't End the non-responding programs.  The only option left it to Log Off or Reboot.  In either case, the non-responding programs do not appear when I return to the system, but if initiated, they once again become non-responding.  Fixing that situation took me about 6 to 7 hours last time.  That I wish to avoid.


              Can you offer something more specific to solve this problem?

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                Alrite before we go fishing into the registry for this key there is a location that sometimes fixes this problem,


                try going to:

                start - programs or all programs - click on the start up - look and see if you can find a file called McRebootxxx.lnk or .exe,


                If you find this please right click on it and delete it and restart the computer.


                Just check if that works, Incase it doesnt report back plz.

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                  Thank you for the reply.  I went to Start>All Programs>StartUp.  It was not there.  I then opened File Explorer and selected Tools>Folder Option>View>Show hidden files.  I then did a search for McReboot*.* and found nothing.

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                    Ok, In the registry navigate to the following location


                    Hkey Local Machine




                    Delete the Volatile folder


                    Restart the computer.


                    Incase this doesnt work I would suggest running mcpr.exe till it gives cleanup successful and reinstalling McAfee, but that is just a suggestion...

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                      THANK YOU.  For the first time, I can get into the Security Center.  It is presently running a full scan, first time in weeks.


                      Removing the volatile folder seems to have done the trick.

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                        Your welcome, merry Christmas and happy new year.