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    Hinder McAfee putting a file under quarantine



      since the last update I've got the following problem:

      My Security Center identifies a trojan (generic dropper!bpi) in a file (ragnawatch2.exe). But there is no trojan in this file.

      So, Security Center puts it under quarantine. When I deactivate the Virusscan, I can restore the file but after reactivating the Scan, it's putted under qurantine again immediatly.

      I tried to allow this file to use all incoming and outgoing internet connections, but Security Center deletes this settings when putting it back under quarantine.

      I contacted the customer support and it told me to send in the file to the WebImmune labs.

      The conclusion of the analysis is, that the file contains a trojan and can be deleted by Virusscan.

      So, is there any way to hinder Security Center putting this file under quarantine?



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