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    uninstall question

      I Recently uninstalled my mcafee security center.I uninstalled & used mcpr.When i was done there were a few left over remnants from the securrity center.What i would like to know is can i reinstall it or do i have to run tool again.After running the tool 2 times both times it said something like all items were not deleted or something similiar.It also said.Could`nt grant permission for uninstall?I have installed another security suite for now.I uninstalled because of all the problems i was haveing with it.I thought maybe if i reinstall it it just may function without all the problems.Anyone have any ideas

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          I would suggest you to check and delete if you have any files and folders for mcafee in C:/program files and common files

          (Note: If you are not able to delete the files rename them)

          Run the preinstall tool from http://download.mcafee.com/products/licensed/cust_support_patches/McPreInstall.e xe  and try reinstalling again.




          Dinesh K

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            1ST of all thanks for your reply.I can`t say i had any success with this tool,as it said my current version of windows is outdated?I have win 7 and it is fairly new.I don`t understand why the people at mcafee can`t seen to see their own custumers are haveing so many problems.Anyway i understand that you guys are here to help i am not sure what to do next?

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              anyone? Merry christmas! :} I am wondering if anyone can see my posts...........Please help if you can.



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                Maybe not?

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                  I have requested for some additional information about your system through your private message. Could you please repond to it at your convenience, so that we could proceed further.









                  Dinesh K

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                    Thanks very much.Hope you have a great new year.

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                      hey new,


                      are you tired of BS yet?  1st. mc will get on your computer and do it for you but MCPR.ex will NOT.  probs. in reg. keys.  you have to regedit and quere mcafee and ask properties to give you "THE PERMISSIONS" that were not granted by the removal prog.  then you after total removal have to scan the reg for mcafee to make sure all keys are gone.  if you don't know how,,, DEMAND a Mcafee tech to walk you thru.   TRUST ME< I WENT THRU THIS WITH THIS INSTALLING NORTON>  hope it helps     ray

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                        normally great advice, this time four counties over from correct .....,,,

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                          To tell you Ray,i can`t disagree.Before i changed jobs back to the construction field i was in retail management for half my life.Well needless to say the first rule in keeping the custumer,is keeping the custumer happy.Mcafee has a pretty good reputation.But reputation alone does`nt win the custumer forever.I can`t put all the blame on them,because no business is perfect.That said,i believe the customer has been frustrated because the customer service is not understanding of the problems some of the time.I have a hard time bringing myself to the online support as a result."Everything is working fine"seems to be the answer and at times it is`nt fine.Also,do not feel to safe with the way you are connected and then transfered,only to answer the same questions.I was e-mailed by Dinz recently,who i would like to thank.And he asked for some info so i could get a call from support.He actually called himself and helped me understand  a few things.I am still lost on the 1 that says a computer has sent invaled packets to your computer.Thanks for the advice.But for now i will stick to the forums i guess.