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    Scan for corrupt files

      How can I run SknDsk?  McAfee says 3 of the files are corrupted and to run it.       

      Thanks a lot

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          Knowing more about what operating system you have would help but I assume you mean chkdsk?


          In XP go to Start/Run and type in CMD, then in the ensuing Command Prompt window type chkdsk /r (with the space between the k and /) and click the Enter key.


          It will complain that it can't run because the volume is in use, try at next reboot Y/N?


          Enter Y and click Enter.


          Reboot and let it run.  It may take quite a while.  Be patient.


          If you have several different lettered volumes (partitions or disks) and this is not letter C: then type in chkdsk X: /r (X being the correct drive letter and ensure the spaces exist between k and X and between : and /)


          In Vista and Windows 7 go to Start and type cmd in the "Start Search" box.


          When cmd or cmd.exe appears in the list above, right-click it and select "Run as Administrator".


          Proceed the same way as above from there onwards.  OK any UAC prompts you get.



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            Dear Ex_Brit:  I am running XP.   I got to the last step but after I did one of the files I got the message that I already had

            a file named Run as Administrator.  There are 98 total files with cmd in them.



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              Run as Administrator only applies to Vista or Windows 7.


              Go to Start/All Programs/Accessories and look for Command Prompt or go to Start/Run and type in cmd then hit the Enter key, same thing.

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                Thanks very much, Peter.  The 3 culprits showed up in following your directions

                and I deleted them..  So for now I think I'm alright.

                Thanks again.................Robert

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                  That's good.  Glad to help.