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    New PC can see internet but not local computers

      I have a new Dell laptop with with Windows 7 and Mcafee preinstalled. It is able to connect to the internet throught my wireless router. But that doesn't give me access to drives/folders on my other networked computers. They run Win XP and Win98SE and can see each other. I think Mcafee is blocking access to them. How can I unblock. I am new to Mcafee so please give specific steps.


      Information will be appreciated,

      Stan Hilliard

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          Open security centre and Web and email protection firewall and connections and see if ip addy of other Pcs are allowed. I also suggest setting the other PCs to a fixed IP. If you are using a Router you then need to set the Default gateway and defauft DNS address sto the router IP.


          Set all Pcs to same workgroup and then see if you can see the PCs on the Home network /My home network tab. If there trust them.


          I am running win7 win7 so cannot check the XP win7 network but it should work.


          If desperate before above disable the firewall and try connection to see if it actually is the firewall