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    How 2 Renew Bought 2nd Box Total Protection 2009

      Currently running on total protection 2009 (3-user) and all is well. Subscription expires approx in May.


      I have purchased a second new box of 2009 Total Protection (3-user) so I can keep my subscription going when it comes time. Satisified with 2009 and I got the second new box at a good price.


      (1.) Should I wait until expiraton to install the second new box.


      (2.) Will I loose out on the 5 months I still have left if I install my second new box now, would like to install now and effectivley have 17 months left.


      (3.) When time and I install new box #2 is there a simple way (just tell Mcafee my new code off the CD sleeve, or possibly Mcafee will ask me for a new code when first box expires). Do I have to remove the old first and install the second box from scratch or can I just install over the top without uninstall first.


      Hope this makes sence and somebody has already been down this road.