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    Virusscan downloads with every pc startup



      I recently installed 3-user McAfee Internet Security 1 year subscription.

      Each time I boot up my pc Virusscan downloads and after a while (approx 5 to 10 mins) I am told that it has successfully downloaded.

      I do not see issues with my security as "Am I protected" is always Yes / green ticked before the download is complete and each individual area - files, internet, security etc within the same box (sorry don't have access to McAfee at the moment) are all ticked and protected.


      If I am fully protected I can't see how or why I need to download Virusscan each time I boot up the pc.  How can I stop this please but preferably not permanently so that should I 1 day have a problem then I can download Virusscan..

      Thanks very much.

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          Are you seeing a small revolving arrow in the notification area by the clock when this is going on?   If so it is VirusScan updating, something it has to do at least once a day.  If you only turn on your machine now and again that will happen at every boot.


          You could tell the SecurityCenter that you want it to notify you first before updating.


          Double-click the taskbar icon to open SecurityCenter

          Click Advanced Menu (bottom)

          Click Configure (left)

          With SecurityCenter highlighted at top left click Advanced (right) under "Protection Status".

          Click Update Options and alter to what you want.


          I do not recommend turning off updates altogether as you may forget and your protection may fail as a result.



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            Hi SimonSimon ,

            SecurityCenter checks for updates shortly after a system restart, and checks again approximately every four hours. In the event of an outbreak emergency DAT files could be made available providing the latest virus DATs as shortly after they are posted to minimize the risk of infection. Automatic updates ensure your virus definitions are always up-to-date with the most current DAT version available from McAfee.


            Dinesh K

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              Thanks both.

              That makes sense and so I think I will leave everything as it is - worknig as I would wish!!

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                Good idea and good luck. ;-)