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    McAfee Encrypted USB1.2 Released

      The Product Management team of McAfee Data Protection is happy to announce the official release of McAfee Encrypted USB v1.2 (EUSB 1.2).



      EUSB 1.2 contains the following new features:

      • ePO support for SanDisk Cruzer Enterprise devices
      • Enhanced support for usage of Common Access Card (CAC) or Personal Identity verification (PIV) cards as authentication methods to the device (MXI devices only)


      In addition to these new features, several issues reported in EUSB 1.1 have been resolved. A list of the main resolved defects can be found in

      Release Notes, along with a list of Known Issues.



      The main new feature with EUSB 1.2 is the ePO management of SanDisk Cruzer devices. Please observe the following regarding these devices:



      1. New devices only

      Only devices with an ePO-compatible image can be managed by ePO. Since it is not possible to upgrade images on existing devices, only new devices delivered from SanDisk can be ePO-managed.



      2. Same SKUs

      The ePO-managed SanDisk devices are ordered using the same SKUs as the existing (stand-alone) SanDisk Cruzer devices. I.e. the ePO-managed SanDisk Cruzer devices replace the stand-alone versions on the McAfee price book.



      3. No stand-alone devices

      With the release of ePO-managed SanDisk devices, there will be no stand-alone versions any longer of these devices. The SanDisk Cruzer ePO-managed devices can only be initialized from an ePO managed machine. Once initialized, however, they can be used on any machine running a supported platform. This means that any order of SanDisk Cruzer Enterprise devices from the McAfee price book as of today, ePO is required.



      4. Device availability

      Since SanDisk manufacturing needs about three weeks from official software release to manufacture devices with the proper image, shipments of ePO-managed SanDisk devices can only start from mid-January 2010 at the earliest.



      5. SanDisk branding initially

      The first batches of ePO-managed SanDisk Cruzer devices will come in SanDisk packaging and with a SanDisk branded casing. However, the on-board software is McAfee/SanDisk-branded (co-branded). Co-branded packaging and device casing will come during H1, 2010.





      Best Regards,

      Stefan Backstrom

      Senior Product Manager