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    Poll: Removing Old File Groups

      Just a quick poll of the folks out there.  When you perform upgrades from older versions of the management console & client, do you go back and remove the old file groups?  I imagine this is making the larger than it needs to be and probably impacting performance somewhere along the line.  I'm planning an upgrade to 5.2.3 shortly and was thinking of removing all my old 5.1.3, 5.1.6, 5.1.7, and 5.1.9 client files beforehand.

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          Excellent question.


          I would like to remove all the DE51* entries, including Options!


          Can I remove the TOKEN V5 entries? (we're at password-only)

          Can I remove the EEPC51 LANG entries? (well, the ones I don't see us using?)

          Is there any downside to removing all this stuff? I figure that it should be pretty easy to reinstall, right?

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            At which version do you stand? As far as I know, there is no easy way to report which file sets are being used. So there is a potential danger of removing some. I would not touch them as impact on database performance is negligible.

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              We've upgraded from 5.1.9 to 5.2.2 and removed the 51 client files after ensuring all clients upgraded.  No ill effects that we've seen.  I also removed most of the other file groups as well (post-upgrade), but to be honest we've never used anything but the client file group and a single custom theme file group in our implementation so the risk of whacking all that stuff was quite low for us.  I'm with peter_eepc:  don't delete anything unless you're very, very sure it's OK.

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                Hi Guys,


                We have a live & a test server both running EEM & EEPC 5.23.   I'm doing some development work in test but the size of the user objects are substantially different from test to live.  Now you would expect live to be bigger than test maybe due to audit logs being bigger in live, but its the other way around.


                For example:  file size of user aal in test is 33154, whislt aal in live is 8130.


                I'm using the same Adcon settings so I'm getting the same usernames pulled from AD.  The only difference I can see is that in live the only Token that is listed for each user is Password only, whereas in Test the full set of tokens are available in the user object.  I'm assuming this is the source of the size difference ?


                How can I remove the unwanted tokens from all user objects in Test ?  I cant see that deleting the tokens from the file groups will have an effect as they exist in Live as well, just not in the user objects.


                Any advice ?


                Many thanks.

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                  it has nothing to do with tokens - it's to do with self recovery questions. That's where the extra storage is being used.


                  The user object never contains the tokens themselves, only the data for the token in use.

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                    Thats interesting because I deleted all the users on the test server first, then ran the adcon to recreate them.  The group properties are not set with local recovery enabled, & I've checked a number of the individual user objects to make sure they have no local recovery set from somewhere & not a single one of them have.


                    Before I deleted them all a few days ago, they did have local recovery set which was why I thought if I deleted them all & re ran the adcon they would be re created as fresh user objects. 


                    The size of the user objects are still large compared to the same username in live, any other thoughts ?


                    Many thanks.

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                      Same answer.  It has nothing to do with whether you have local recovery enabled or not, and everything to do with whether you have it configured. Delete all the questions for all the languages and you'll find new users will be smaller again.

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                        Thats got it, I deleted all languages except English.


                        Many thanks.