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    VSE v8.7 OAS Exclusions via ePO Policy


      Inside the ePO, I have a System Tree group off of "My Organization" named "Workstations" which contains all workstation clients and has a VirusScan Enterprise 8.7.0 / On-Access Default Process Policy named "Workstation Global" assigned to it.  This "Workstation Global" policy acts as the default policy for all of my managed workstations.  I have a limited number of subgroups inside the "Workstations" group--each named after programs with application specific On-Access Scan Exclusions.  Each subgroup has its own On-Access Default Process Policy (breaking inheritance from the "Workstation" group's "Workstation Global" policy).  Is it possible to have the policies for these subgroups somehow append to the global policy from the parent group, rather than replace it?  My first thought was to uncheck the box for "Overwrite client exclusions. Only exclude items specified in this policy" on the subgroup polices; however, because inheritance is already broken, I'm thinking that future changes to the "Workstation Global" policy won't be passed to the clients in the subgroups because the inheritance is already broken.  Is there a way around this? Am I approaching this in an incorrect fashion?  I'm trying to avoid having to make changes that I want to exist globally in all of my subgroup policies (manually).  Thanks!