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    problem with downloads


      I have two web gateways running in multi-processor mode. I'm having an issue with downloads. The web gateway downloads the file fine, but when you get the option to download it to your computer, you don't receive the full file. for example I have a customer downloading a 90mb file and it stops around 25mb. I've tested all differnet types and sizes of files on various machines in my network, some work, some don't. Is this a known issue? What settings should  I be looking at?

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          Jon Scholten

          Hello again Mike,


          Concerning this issue, do you have an example link? Also do you have progress pages enabled? Also which version are you currently running? Have you attempted to open the file in notepad (then scroll to the end)?



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            Just to give everyone an update. The issue was with the heartbeat btw both web gateways. They were not synced, it required a re-boot of both servers and then the heartbeat was fine, I continue to monitor this and since the reboot, probably 8 weeks ago, we have not had any issues.