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    Activation of McAfee subscription

      I just got a DELL laptop, that has a Mcafee Antivirus installed
      I have not been able to update the antivirus. Each time I attempted to update, it requested that I first do the product setup but On doing this, the information below is displaced


      "We are sorry, but were having trouble activating your Mcafee products. You can begin using your products now, not until you activate, you wont get automatic product updates that keep your PC safe from the latest threats.

      ActivatDont worry, well remind you to activate your McAfee products later-or try again whenever you choose."


      Kindly help out as my system is at risk. At the moment the M icon on the task bar has  "cross" sign below it. I can neither acivate nor update (Automatically or manually) my virus scan
      My Laptop details are


      Model DELL INSPIRION 1545


      Mcafee Antivirus

      Virus scan version: 13.3

      Build :13.3.112


      SecurityCenter version: 9.3

      Build: 9.3.134




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          Were you using McAfee subscription previously ?
          What is the operating system of the computer ?


          Dinesh K

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            I just bought the Laptop PC and it has Mcafee Antivirus with it. The operating system is Microsoft Vista.



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              Hi kizucom,

              If your computer came with a pre-installed operating system, you might be unable to complete the McAfee registration process, and you might see a message that you are not registered. When you attempt to register the products manually, nothing seems to happen.

              Please try the following steps:

              1. Click the Windows Button and type cmd.exe into the search bar.
              2. Right-click cmd.exe in the search list, and select Run as Administrator.
              3. Type the following text, then press ENTER:
                     c:\program files\mcafee\msc\mcoemmgr.exe /regserver

              4. Right-click the M icon in your taskbar and select either Activate, Activate Now, Register, or Register Now/ product setup
              5. Follow the instructions.

              Kindly let me know if you have any issues


              Dinesh K

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                Hi Dinesh K,


                I have the same problem. I have seen your reply and will follow the steps later today. Reason for writing is - You asked if there is an earlier membership? but that was left unanswered by Kizucom. What's the link. I did have a McAfee account a long time ago (I did not even remember it till McAfee reminded me) and this seems to be interfering with the activation of the New McAfee Internet Security 2010 on my New Lenovo Thinkpad SL410 with Windows 7. How and Why are they linked? How to resolve the conflict?

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                  Hi Dinesh K,

                  It sounds like you know about this problem.

                  I bought 5 McAfee Total Protection 2010 products  for our 5 computers. I have installed three of them but when I try to activate  it, the third one always comes back with the third screen saying
                  "Activation can't continue. We're sorry, but we're  having trouble activating McAfee products. You can begin using your products  now, but you won't receive automatic updates.
                  Don't worry, we'll ask you to continue activating  your McAfee products once the problem is fixed. For more help with this problem,  please contact McAfee Support."
                  It's product Key is  removed
                  This is the fifth time that I have tried to  activate it with the same result. I originally tried to install it on my netbook  on 5/7/10 but it had trouble installing it there so I used  removed on the netbook. My account shows that the notebook activated properly with the removed product key.
                  Maybe  there a problem with this disk or did it somehow  get associated with the netbook when I originally tried to install it?
                  I followed you suggestions to try and activate it but the same thing happened. I had a message that I only had two days left to  activate it so can anybody please help!



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                    Never publish personal information in a public forum - I removed those keys.    If Dinesh needs them he will communicate directly with you.  However, as this dates from Dec '09 he may no longer be subscribed to the thread.   I would consider contacting Customer Service by phone or online chat directly via Useful Links above.  They deal with all account queries.





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