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    Virus  Scan gets hung on a file and then hangs my computer.

      I had this problem with another file that was too large to send up to you, but this time it is a small Photoshop Elements xml file that has been on my computer for several years.


      Virus scan hangs on that file. I cannot get virus scan to skip the file.  It just hangs my system at that point.  When I shut down the computer, there was a file called ##VSO###MCVSSHLD## that prevented my computer from shutting down until I ended the process manually.


      I am running security center 9.15, build 9.15.160,affid 636,udatew 11/18/09.  Virus scan 13.15, build 13.15.113, affid 636, Last Update 12/21/09, dat version 5839.0000, engine version 5301.4018.  I have had problems with McAfee since I was hit by the antimalware rogue program.  I downloaded and installed pctools Spyware Doctor to get rid of that infection since McAfee couldn't get rid of it.

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          Try doing a Manual Scan on this file.


          Right click on the file and try scanning it. See if it hangs.


          Incase it doesn't hang, go to the folder that this file is placed in and scan the folder manually.


          Please report back with the results.

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            It did not hang.  Also, scanning the directory did  not hang.  I am currently scannning the entire Documents and Settings directory and it seems to be OK.

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              I scanned the entire documents and settings folder with no problems.  The last 2 full scans I did have hung my computer and even made rebooting a problem.  It just gets bogged down or something.

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                Hi Patty,


                I would like you to try this next step now.

                if you are using windows XP

                click start

                click run

                type in msconfig

                click on services tab

                select the option "hide all microsoft services"

                hit the disable all button

                click on start up tab

                again hit the disable all button

                then hit Apply/Ok

                restart the computer

                open McAfee

                click on maintain computer

                run a quick clean by ensuring you have selected all options apart from the 4 outlook options

                once the quick clean is complete run a full system scan

                after the scan go back to start

                click on run again

                again type in msconfig

                services tab - enable all

                start up tab - enable all

                restart the computer again after selecting apply/ok

                report findings.


                Again is the scan still failing on the very same file during the full system scan?

                also, the problem can at times be related to a bad sector on the hard drive. if you are unable to do the full scan after performing steps above it would be a good idea to run a check disk. To run a check disk follow the following steps


                Click start

                Click run

                type in CMD and click OK

                In the command prompt type in chkdsk /f and hit enter

                type in yes if prompted

                restart the computer

                that will schedule a scan on the restart

                once the computer completes the scan and starts back up retry the full system scan


                See how it goes.

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                  I was logged in as administrator, but msconfig would tell me "access denied", but would do the things I told it to.  The first time I rebooted, I could not get McAfee to load, so I went back to msconfig and enabled the McAfee processes.and did the quick clean and the scan.  It completed normally.  I have enabled all in the services and startup tabs.  Again I got the access denied message from msconfig, but everything seems to have started alright except for something from Roxio , which had a big X through it.  I reconfigured the Roxio program not to run at startup.


                  I ran the full scan with all the startup files enabled and once again it stopped in a file in documents and settings.  I could not stop the scan, so used the task manager to end the scan and got the message that the nonresponsive program was McAfee MISP shell.  It seems to hang about 1/3 of the way through the scan.  Should I boot with safe mode whenever I want to scan?


                  I just completed a scan of documents and settings with no problems with everything enabled in msconfig.



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