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    hpsummer2005.exe <AdWare.Win32.MyWay.j>

      StopSign NOT MCAfee found the above virus on my D drive! I need to know how to remove it? I have been using McAfee for 5+ years and you can bet I will NEVER use it again! How do you like that, they CHARGE you for removing a virus THEY should have caught! I have the McAfee Security Center, it updates EVERY night on its own AND scans EVERYNIGHT since I do so much work on my computer. McAfee lost my business...it is only 3 pc's that I protect....but hey they don't care! On top of that they want US to supply THEM with our "product info" on these posts, how LAZY is that? THEY should be removing these viruses FREE of charge!



      The file is located at: d:\i386\apps\app25467\src\hpsummer2005.exe The virus or threat is: AdWare.Win32.MyWay.j


      Can anyone help?