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    Possible "Forum" problem ?

      MODERATORS:  This may not be the correct forum for this problem.  Please relocate this if necessary.


      This morning, while submitting a reply to a problem, I received the message "Unexpected Error", and my reply seemed lost.  A message was received that a "recovery" version was available, but that turned out to be empty.  This problem has occurred before today, and for some of my longer-winded replies, I keep a back up (JIC ).


      Today, however, my reply could not be recovered, but, more troubling, the original posting, by (if I remember aright) "Joan Oliviera" (with a tilde over the a) has disappeared.  I truly hope that I have not caused that message to vanish.


      The original posting had to do with a "Trojan SPM/LX", and multiple pop-ups.  It sounded like one of the rogue "AntiVirus" hoaxes that have become so prevalent of late.