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    SSH access


      I am looking to add the 'Multi Process Setup' to a WebWasher device (6.8.6), which I assume can only be accomplished via a SSH (port 22) session (i.e. the o/s level).  Based on what I have read, one logs in using the 'root' user with a password of the last 8 char of the device's MAC address.  The device's physical label and arp -a output provide the samething for this MAC address, however, the device will not accept the last 8 char for the password.  I'll assume that sense I receive a login prompt from my SSH connection, that the SSH service is 'on'.  The catch 22 being what I have read is one needs to check/change this setting in a file that as far as I know can only be accessed via SSH.


      Anyway, I guess my question, is there a way via the GUI or Secure Admin Shell (or other) to fix my SSH access issue (reset password and/or verify the SSH service is active) or is there a 'backdoor' way to gain root access so I can reset the password/etc. so that I have a functional SSH access to implement the Multi Process?

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          Jon Scholten



          I'm guessing access has not been enabled for SSH, please review KB62743 which explains how to enable it.



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            Hey Jon,


            If I don't have ssh access, then how do I gain console access per manual step #1 of the KB?  I don't have easy physical access to the appliance, if that is your answer.  Which if is, any other suggestions?



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              Jon Scholten

              Hello again,


              This is not possible without physical access for security reasons. This may possibly be done if your appliance has a DRAC and it has been configured (these are offered on WG5000 and WG5500 appliances) which essentially allows for remote console access.