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    Beware of advice on removing "Update pop-up"

      The advice crashed my computer and I had to reinstall the Win 7 OS.


      If you get the pop-up instructing you to reboot because new updates are ready, and the reboot does not work, be careful.  Very careful.  See my post "Remove Error".  I followed the instructions given carefully.  I saw a previous post saying that person's computer locked up after the repair, so I was cautious to follow the instructions carefully.


      The advice did not work.  After doing what they said, my system was a disaster.  After a reboot, I could use it for about 30 second when a "Wait" icon would appear and nothing would respond.  If I brought up Task Manager, I could not end non-responding program!  Only the Wait icon would appear.  Either a log off or a reboot would give me another 20-30 seconds before it locked agan.


      Be cautious!  Very cautious.  It might be better to live with McAfee's damnable annoying pop-up than try to remove it.