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    550-Transfer failed on linux ftp download

      I trying to replicate ftp.nai.com/commonupdater in my local server by a shell script, in which files are dwonloaded via FTP command.


      Everything is fine, until coming to "/commonupdater/current/spamsafe1000/renu/0000" folder. From here, the FTP is failed to download noth the .dll files, "su.dll" and "spamdcom.dll". Again, in the "/commonupdater/current/masecore2000/spamengine/0000" foler, "masecore.dll" file.


      The FTP log shows `` 550-Transfer failed.  You are not permitted to transfer the file "su.dll".  ``. But i can fetch manualy these files in windows using default ftp client or other softwares. Only *nix(Redhat , Ubuntu, Slackware) OS is giving this error.


      Folder permission is OK (777); Tried FTP options ASCII/Binary; Passive/Active; globe; What else could be?. Can somebody help me.?


      Thanks in Advance