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    I need HELP for Trojans "Artemis! 93EB1E0BBD32", "Generic StartPage!bb", and "Artemis! 4D5021C89027"

      Since about 1/2 year I am trying to get rid of a trojan in my home PC. Up to now without success. So I urgently need qualified help.


      Description of the problem:

      When I did a "complete scan" of my home PC in August 2009 my search software for the first time found a trojan with the name "Artemis! 4D5021C89027". The software told me that the file "C:\DOKUMENTE UND EINSTELLUNGEN\ALL USERS\ANWENDUNGSDATEN\AOL\1.0\SWUPDATE\NEWPACKAGE.BIN" is infected. Deleting the file or the whole directory "SWUPDATE" where the file is located did not help because it re-creates itself after reboot. Also interesting: A problem with this file is only detected if the cable to the internet is connected to the computer. If there is no internet connection, no problem was found. This has changed meanwhile (see later).

      In September the trojan changed its name to "Generic StartPage!bb". My search software still finds identically the same file as mentioned before, just the name of the trojan has changed.

      I think it was in November when the name of the trojan changed again. Not it is called "Artemis! 93EB1E0BBD32". Still my search software calls the same file as given above to be the guilty one.

      Today I tried again with and without connection to the internet and the search result with internet connection is still "Artemis! 93EB1E0BBD32" with the same guilty file as before. But, interesting enough, now also the scan without connection to the internet finds a trojan --> it is "Generic StartPage!bb" and again the same file name is blamed to be guilty ! (now with a differend name of the trojan when the internet is connected or not).


      Sending the infected file to McAfee for futher checks was not possible through the security center: I received the message that the file was too big.


      The search software that I am using:

      I am customer of the telephone and internet provider "Alice" in Germany. Since the beginning I used the McAfee Security Center to protect my PC. The current versions of the programs are

      Security Center, version 9.15, updated 5. Dec. 2009

      Visrus Scan, version 13.15, updated 20. Dec. 2009

      Personal Firewall, version 10.15, updated 5. Dec. 2009

      Site Advisor, version 2.9, update 20. Dec. 2008

      Anti-Spam, version 10.15, update 29. Nov. 2009

      Parental Control, version 11.15, update 14. Sept. 2009

      Backup and Restore, version 3.15, update 19. Sept. 2008


      I urgently need quilified help to finally get rid of my trojan.