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        I suspect that others have not complained about the address book import problem because it's not common for people to import address books unless they get a new system. I saw a site that recently rated the top anti-virus software and McAfee was not even on the list. Norton was rated around 4 or 5. So there are others pieces of software out there and I'm going to try one of them. Whoever said getting rid of McAfee is going to be a problem is exactly right. The last time I did that on a computer I was left with pops up telling me to renew long after I had tried to remove the software.  If anyone wants a link to the list I read, I'll be happy to send it to you but I don't endorse any one of those as I haven't used them and I won't publish competing product names in the public domain. I will send the link if you email me at dengrove at hotmail dot com

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          Consider these recent facts:  A flawed DAT that crashed many many business/personnel computers.  This issue with anti-spam still not being fixed etc,  My belief is that when you outsource everything-ever try to understand the "tech support"-and only focus on cheap this is what you get.  Remember the poison in pet food from China?


          That said I have read that the Microsoft security essentials which is free is very good, as is spy bot search and destroy ( a friend uses the later

          and is happy with it) which is also free.


          I saw the same list of best products and McAfee was not even on the list which was quite upsetting.  When I looked into it further McAfee was rated as mediocre, bloated, system slowing (performance degrading), and needing to reboot too many times when upgrading.  I am seriously considering using spy bot or the Microsoft products when my subscription is up.


          Given the debacles this company keeps going through it is obvious to me that providing a product that works and satisfying the customer are low priorties.  I look at their actions and not some BS message from the CEO etc.



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            Good information for all and great advice from GWE about paying attention to behavior and not what someone says. My dad used to say "if somone keeps telling you 'Trust Me', keep your hands on your wallet." When McAfee says "renew, we're fixing the problems", remember how long these problems have existed before renewing.

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              Any idea about TB 3 & McAfee compatibility plans? It's time to renew my 3-user McAfee subscription and I'm seriously considering not to do it. If they don't care about users, why should I trust them?

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                I switched to "paid" Avast.  It seems good but I've only been using it for a couple of weeks on 3 computers. I looked into BitDefender but 2 of my computers are 64bit and they had a "major" problem recently where they deleted key systems files needed for startup because Bit Defender identified them as Trojans. McAfee seemed disinterested in retaining me as a customer as every time I called them I received a runaround and when asked for some consideration in terms of an extension for the poor service and that I was set to auto renew, I was sent an email indicating that McAfee changed my auto renew so that it would not renew unless I chose to.  I chose not to. Here is a link to some information on the various choices. I don't know how reliable this review is but it's a start for you - http://anti-virus-software-review.toptenreviews.com/

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                  After +5 years of using McAfee seems they don't like keeping us as customers. Two clearly know important issues (TB 3 incompatibility and Mvschost.exe 100% CPU usage) have been unsolved for several months now. Neither a formal announcement of solving planned date. This is not what one would expect of a major player.


                  There are other well placed antivirus vendors ... take a look here. The first one on the list, for a 3 user license and 2 year subscription has an increadible cheap price!

                  And no, McAfee is not on the podium.


                  Previous to the actual situation I had not even the sligthest interest in looking at other possibilities. I was really happy with McAfee. But CPU hanging for months and e-mail system not working for months is more than we can tolerate. A shame.

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                    "Mvschost.exe 100% CPU usage".  Could you please explain this issue to me?  
                    This may be casuing some of my slowdown issues. 
                    This would be when you open task manager on XP Pro and it lists all the running apps?

                    As for the poor service from McAfee I have been with them for 9 years and completly agree with you on this.

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                      For McSvHost.exe CPU problem read this thread.


                      It happens on some XP systems. Open Task Manager and sort by CPU usage. If McSvHost and mefefire are using almost all CPU ... welcomme on board. It's a known problem since ... mmm ... last century? ... well, a little bit less, but for sure more than 3 months now.

                      McAfee answer? None.


                      I cancelled my automatic subscription this morning after +5 years of using McAfee ... not an easy decission, but I cannot have three PCs without Thunderbird spam control and one of them with the 100% CPU problem.

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                        I have a 3-workstation license for McAfee Total Protection to cover my home network and I have begun to convert the email clients on all three PCs on it from Outlook/Windows Mail to Thunderbird in preparation for moving them up to Windows 7.  Today I finished converting the last of my old Outlook "pst" archives and was feeling rather pleased with my Thunderbird install when I noticed McAfee Anti-Spam was missing from it.  No problem I thought - just reinstall McAfee, it will detect my default email client and do the rest.  A half-hour later, after the reinstall and then getting my network security reestablished, there was still no McAfee Anti-Spam in Thunderbird!  I'd really like to think this is a temporary issue, but the fact this thread is nine months old is extremely disconcerting.  I really like(d) McAfee's Anti-Spam but I wouldn't have renewed my Total Protection subscription if I'd realized McAfee's support for Thunderbird was so unreliable.  I've used McAfee for decades so this is almost unthinkable.  Hopefully they'll come through real soon...  please...

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                          Move the TB 'Spam' Filter UP in priority so [SPAM] goes where you expect it to.   That being said, WTF doesn't this work again?  Who is in charge of this bogus toolbar feature at McAfee?

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