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    Assistance needed with Artemis! Trojan

      Hello all,


      I have recently found 3 items that have been quarantined items after one full scan last week.


      Artemis!090A4D6E7F5F (Trojan)
      Artemis!76DD44ED720F (Trojan)
      Artemis!76DD44ED720F (Trojan)


      *These last 2 on 2 different files.


      I am a little confussed about this so I would like to ask whether this is a virus or not and what should I do to ensure my computer is clean. I have read some of the posts about Artemis but I am still confussed on how should I proceed. Could you please assist?


      Should I send the "infected" files to http://www.webimmune.net? If I have to send the files, I understand I have to restore the infected files. Is there any harm in doing so?

      I also read in one of the discussions that it is also possible to send the files using the McAfee product. If that is correct, how can I do that?


      Sorry if some of the questions are obvious or stupid but I am not very technical :-(


      Any help will be greatly appreciated,




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          Hello all again,


          I finally managed to send the files to webimmune.net and these are the AnalysisID: 5692891 and 5692892.The initial analysis I got seems to be inconclusive.


          Just a quick question (probably stupid one, so I apologize in advance). If I delete the quarantined files, does that mean that I will get rid of the virus? (although I don't expect this to be so easy).


          * I cannot find the 3rd quarantined file and it is not detected again by McAfee. The only thing I did was delete some TEMP files. Could that be the cause the file is not detected again or is there another reason?


          Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much in advance,


          Kind regards,


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            Hi Dan,


            Thank you for submitting your suspicious files.


            I request you to kindly provide me some more information regarding these files? are these related to any application, installation...etc?




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              Hi Neha,


              Thank you very much for your reply. Really appreciated.


              File sopadver.exe may be related to an application called sopcast (internet TV), I am not sure this is correct as I deleted this application long long time ago, but maybe the file was (for some reason) never deleted or maybe is something totally unrelated.


              I am afraid I cannot even guess where ~tm15258.tmp is coming from. :-(


              Originally, there was a 3rd detection (file A0101051.exe) which disappeared after I deleted the temporary files and cookies from my computer. After that, McAfee did not detect this file anymore. Should I worry about this?


              I would like to ask you a couple of things if you don't mind.


              - Once a file is quarantined, does it mean that it cannot do any harm?

              - McAfee is up to date  also, from McAfee Security Center: Am I protected? Yes, and is not detecting any other issue after the above two files were quarantined. Does it mean my computer is safe and not infected?


              Sorry if something is very obvious but I am afraid I am not technical at all.


              Again, thanks very much for your help. Really appreciated.


              Kind regards,


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                Files in Quarantine cannot interact with the rest of your system. If files in the Quarantine are infected, then the virus, worm, or Trojan cannot spread. This means that if an infected file is part of a legitimate software program, then that software program will not have access to the quarantined file. The software program may or may not function correctly, depending on the function of the quarantined file.


                For more info, please visit below links:


                http://www.mcafee.com/us/enterprise/products/demos/quick_tips/quarantine_feature .html


                http://www.mcafee.com/us/local_content/datasheets/ds_email_security_appliance.pd f


                Use the following link to reach online technical support for McAfee products.


                If you wish to suppress any artemis false files, please contact us further.


                Corporate Customers:

                Single User/Retail Customers:


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                  Hi Dan,


                  Did your issue got resolved?




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                    Hi Dan


                    I have suppressed Artemis!76DD44ED720F, please check and let me know if the issue has been fixed now