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    SecurityCenter quarantined a legit file, and immediately deletes it upon restore


      I'm having a problem with the file "SWKOTOR1_04.exe" which is an update patch for a game.  I've had it on my computer for quite some time now, (I put it there myself, I know what it is), and it got quarantined in today's scan.


      Seems like every time I scan it finds new legit files to delete on me every single week, which I have to go fix.  This week it even flagged the Winamp uninstall file.  Pretty sure that one's legit... This is getting real old.

      Anyway, my other false positives all restore at least, but this one is immediately caught and deleted if I restore it.


      The "Send to McAfee" option has never worked (I've seen the instructions on how to do it manually here), but most of the things it catches are too big anyway (this file is 20mb), so I'm not sure how to get it cleared so I can have my file back.