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    Moving ePO to Windows Server 2008

      Hi Guys,


      We are currently running VirusScan Enterprise on a Windows Server 2000 file and print server. We have just purchased a brand new server complete with Windows Small Business Server 2008 complete with SQL server. We are moving all services to the new server and just using the old server as a backup server. As a result we need to move our server installation of ePO VirusScan across to the new server.


      This would be easy if I had been the original person to have installed the software. However, this was done by a previous collegue, who has now left. I have been through all the CDs which he left but nothing for Macafee. I have also looked in our network install folder and there is only the client installer not the server install.


      Can someone help me as to how I should go ahead and install Macafee on the new server with no install file and no product code!


      Is there a way to find my current product code so that I can use it again (obviously I will uninstall the old version as soon as the new one is up and running).


      In addition will I have to reinstall all clients for the new server? Or can I reconfigure them for the new server? (New Domain as well)


      Any help is much appreciated!