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    Problems Restoring Quarantined Items...

      I have downlaoded a program wich i would like to install, but McFee keeps quarantining a few of the files


      Its gives the pop up...Trojen automatically found and removed, and it says it is an Artimis!9DOB1FB2D971, I am pretty sure however that the file is safe.

      When i try to restore it McFee just keeps on blocking it.


      How can I restore this file for good, (unless of course it does turn out to be a virus then it can go)



      Any Ideas?


      Windows VISTA sp2. McFee Security Center, Version 9.15 Build 9.15.160 Virus Scan Verion, 13.15, Build 13.15.113, Fire Wall Version, 10.15 Build, 10.15.101